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About Susan Simon


Inspiration comes in many different ways and, most often, through the daily actions of ordinary people.

Students love to learn and teachers love to teach in schools where everyone is empowered to play a significant role in the life of the school.

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Are you looking for strategies to help you become more effective in your teaching and leading?

Do you remember why you became an educator?

Are you ready to feel inspired, hopeful and understood?

Building a Schoolhouse is a valuable resource for teachers, administrators and parents as they work together to create viable learning communities. Each chapter in this book is devoted to a different characteristic, quality or principle that contributes to the formation of an excellent school. The ideas, strategies and action steps are guidelines for educators and parents to begin the dialogue around the important teaching and learning issues that face them in their schools.

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Successful strategies for teachers, administrators, principals, and communities: Read the Table of Contents


A leader’s power is about how she touches the hearts and
minds of people in order to bring them together in
trusting, supportive and collegial relationships.

Faced with constant and often strident challenges to their teaching and leading, many teachers and principals are losing heart and leaving the educational arena. We can’t afford to lose good educators. Lack of support, feelings of despair, loss of passion for their job or pressure to conform drive educators away. Teachers must find a balance that will allow them to meet the demands for high accountability while at the same time developing strategies that allow each teacher and principal to uniquely contribute to every child.

Some ways you will benefit from reading Building a Schoolhouse are:

  • New ideas will spark change in your classroom and school.
  • If you're tired and lacking motivation, you'll feel renewed and inspired.
  • You’ll bring more excitement and joy to your job.

Building a Schoolhouse demonstrates ways in which people can work more successfully with one another in order to realize individual and group goals. Whether you focus on the stories, action steps or content of each chapter, Building a Schoolhouse will present you with opportunities to explore your connections to students, to schools and to your own passion for what you do.

Schools where trust exists are centers of possibility and growth
because students and teachers are willing to take risks in their
learning and teaching.

This book is designed to impact educators and parents on both the personal and professional level. Readers will be drawn into a self-reflective process of examining their goals, successes and challenges. At the same time, the topics presented provide a rich source of questioning and discussion for faculties and school communities. The ultimate goal for both personal and group inquiry is improved educational opportunities for all students in healthy, motivating and supportive school environments.

Building a Schoolhouse is designed as a resource and guide, assisting educators and parents in navigating the increasingly complex job of successfully educating all students.

See yourself and your work with expanded vision, opening to unique ideas and far-reaching possibilities.

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Building a Schoolhouse

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